Intervolve Data Centre - Perth

Minimum N+1 redundancy is provided in all infrastructure including air conditioning, power and UPS systems with further technical inclusions & features outlined below:



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Data Centre Basics


Data Centre Location: Watts Place, Bentley, Perth
Capacity: 171 Rack Spaces 
Electrical authority supply: 2x 1MVA Transformer


Power Specifications


  • Redundant A+B supply
  • UPS: Automatic Transfer Switch (open transition), N+N with minimum 15 minutes battery autonomy
  • Generator: N+1 Standby generators to support mission critical mechanical services 
  • Generator Fuel Capacity: Minimum 7 days fuel capacity onsite with 24x365 fuel delivery callout (40,000L)


Controlled Environment


  • Temperature Constant 21°C +/- 6°C.
  • Relative humidity 45% +/- 35%
  • Redundant N+1 chilled water cooling system
  • Perimiter CRAH units
  • Close control units provide air conditioned air to technical space


Fire Detection and Suppression


  • Comprehensive analogue addressable fire detection system in all areas
  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) in technical space and plant area
  • Pro-Inert gas based fire suppression system
  • Extinguishers situated throughout the facility inclusive of data halls and non-technical space


Data Centre Security & Access


  • Door access controls in all technical areas
  • 24/7 swipe card access with dual factor authentication (card + biometrics)
  • CCTV Monitoring - full coverage of tenancy exterior, entries and exits to secure areas. 90 day motion
    activated digital system
  • Alarm systems - motion detectors for CCTV with intrusion detection on all doors
  • Ground floor loading area oversized doorway to delivery area
  • Individual key lockable racks as standard (proximity card access also available).
  • On-site parking available



Service Level Agreement


  • 99.995% uptime target

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